Photo by Kevin Hendersen / Unsplash

Recovery Road®

You are welcome to attend on your own or with a friend, and you can find new friends here.

The meetings are open to anyone aged 18+ who would like to attend, regardless of church attendance or religious beliefs.

Celebrate Recovery® is an internationally recognised, Christ-centred 12-step program. It has been running at Reedy Creek for a number of years and the many people who've participated have had personal victories over habits such as alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and internet-based addictions.

Others have received help in dealing with the trauma of life's hurts, such as childhood abuse, abusive marriages, relationship problems, and family break up.

It is a program that provides participants with the tools and the encouragement to change their lives in a positive way.
If you are hurting in any way whatever, here you will find supportive respect for your privacy.

For more information please feel free to contact Kim on 0458 181 956