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Adventists believe life is more than just the accumulation of "stuff". It’s about more than just surviving. It means more than simply maximising pleasure and minimising pain. We believe every life is of infinite value. Why? Because every human is miraculously crafted by God who wants us to live life to the full. What's more, He sent His Son to demonstrate true love, forgiveness and grace.

Recovery Road®

Helping you deal with life's hurts, habits, and hang-ups.

You are welcome to attend on your own or with a friend, and you can find new friends here.

The meetings are open to anyone aged 18+ who would like to attend, regardless of church attendance or religious beliefs.

Celebrate Recovery® is an internationally recognised, Christ-centred 12-step program. It has been running at Reedy Creek for a number of years and the many people who've participated have had personal victories over habits such as alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and internet-based addictions.

Others have received help in dealing with the trauma of life's hurts, such as childhood abuse, abusive marriages, relationship problems, and family break up.

It is a program that provides participants with the tools and the encouragement to change their lives in a positive way.
If you are hurting in any way whatever, here you will find supportive respect for your privacy.

For more information please feel free to contact Kim on 0458 181 956


Our latest posts from facebook & twitter.

Reedy Creek Adventist Church
Published 18 Feb 2018

Well done Reedy Creek Pathfinders on your swimming honours this morning. For more information contact Pr. David Riley at

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Reedy Creek Adventist Church
Published 17 Feb 2018

Reedy Creek’s new Pathfinder club’s first meeting this afternoon:

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Reedy Creek Adventist Church
Published 13 Feb 2018

It's our quarterly Communion program this Sabbath at The Creek. Join us as we remember our Lord's love for us.

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Reedy Creek Adventist Church
Published 07 Feb 2018

Worship tonight at Avondale College as ministers from around Australia gather for their once-every-five-years combined Conference.

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Reedy Creek Adventist Church
Published 04 Feb 2018

2018 DATES FOR THE GOLD COAST ADVENTURER CLUB For children up to Year 4 (ages 4 - 9) March 10th, 3.30pm - Core Day #1 at Gold Coast Christian College April 21st, 3.30pm - Core Day #2 at Gold Coast Christian College May 19th 3pm - Nature Day #1 - Venue TBA June 2nd and 3rd - South Queensland R... Read more

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Reedy Creek Adventist Church
Published 03 Feb 2018

Our “Panda Cubs” class is for those aged 4-6. Every Saturday morning 9.30am-10.30am

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Reedy Creek Adventist Church
Published 03 Feb 2018

Our JETS (Juniors and Early Teens) class on a Saturday morning at The Creek - for those aged 10-15 Led by the irrepressible Sam Espinet.

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Reedy Creek Adventist Church
Published 03 Feb 2018

Wonderful worship today at The Creek. Thank you team. Praise our God!

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Reedy Creek Adventist Church
Published 03 Feb 2018

Youth Breakfast Connect this morning at “The Creek”

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Explore photos from our recent adventures

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Adventurers for Kids

Children will discover the wonders of nature through their local Adventurers club. Designed for kids aged 4-9, Adventurers offers a variety of activities in a fun and creative atmosphere. The activities range from games and crafts to nature exploration and family camping. They will learn about their God-given abilities and how to use them to help others. The activities take place in a nurturing environment where children and parents can participate in building life-long memories.

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